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Staying Comfortable While Using a Hard Floor Camper During the Winter

When you have a hard floor camper that serves you well across all types of terrain, it feels like a shame to not use it during the winter. At the same time, you may feel as though you're unable to do so comfortably. If you want to use your camper during the cooler months but don't want to sacrifice your comfort, there are some ways to maintain a liveable temperature despite the weather conditions outside.

Take a tactical approach to using your windows

If you're spending a lot of time in your hard floor camper during the winter, you may not want to draw the curtains throughout your stay. Doing so can make the inside feel cold and uninteresting, plus natural light can help you save money on energy use. To enjoy natural light and potentially use the sun's rays to warm your camper up, keep your curtains open when the sun is shining in and park your caravan so that the main windows are north facing. Otherwise, you should draw them to prevent drafts from forcing the temperature inside to dip.

Invest in draught excluders

Just like your home, your hard floor camper could benefit from draught excluders that prevents cool breezes from entering. They'll work best around key entry points such as doors and windows. Using them as a temporary measure rather than turning to permanent draught exclusion options will work in your favour, as you may welcome the breeze during the summer when the temperature feels too hot. 

Use heaters wisely

There's no denying that using a portable heater inside your camper will have a significant impact on the environment inside. Before you do so, make sure you take some logistical and safety factors into consideration. To make sure your heater provides the biggest benefits in the shortest space of time, place it in an area where there's plenty of space around it. Doing so allows its heat to reach more areas of your caravan, so you don't need to waste too much energy on operating it. When you're finished using it, allow it to cool fully before placing it elsewhere. This is especially important when using halogen heaters, which can become a fire risk when they come into contact with certain items.

Finally, always make sure any portable water features inside your hard floor camper benefit from a little anti-freeze wherever possible. Preventing ice can have a significant impact on maintaining an ambient temperature wherever you are.